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School Site Council

The Schoolsite Council (SSC) is a school community’s representative body, made up of school staff, parents/community members, and at the secondary level, students.  The primary responsibility of the SSC is to participate in the development and monitoring of the Single Plan for Student Achievement, evaluate the effectiveness of programs, monitor the use of supplemental funding available to the school site, seek input from school advisory committees, and reaffirm or revise school goals.

SSC Members

Staff Members Community Members
Carolyn Hull - Principal LaTonya Germany
Kaija Cook - Teacher Maria Gutierrez
Julie Romero - Teacher Janette Juico
Mindy Schroeder - Other Staff David Kludt
Kristen Thompson - Teacher Brenda Zygutis

SSC Meetings 22-23

Date Agenda Minutes
10/27/22 Agenda Minutes
11/9/22 Agenda Minutes
SSC Meetings 21-22
Date Agenda Minutes
9/16/21 Agenda Minutes
10/14/21 Agenda Minutes
11/15/21 Agenda Minutes
1/27/22 Agenda Minutes
2/17/22 Agenda Minutes
3/24/22 Agenda Minutes
4/21/22 Agenda Minutes
5/23/22 Agenda Minutes