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Clever Login

To login to your students' clever account, just click on your teachers name. 

TK/ Kindergarden
Contact Jamie Bohannan  Jamie Bohannan Teacher
Contact Tom Abbott  Tom Abbott Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Erin Flory  Erin Flory Teacher
1st/2nd Combo
Contact Brandi Armas  Brandi Armas Sys Admin
2nd Grade
Contact Sean Albright  Sean Albright Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Mary Ng  Mary Ng Teacher
3rd/4th Combo
Contact Julie Romero  Julie Romero Teacher
Contact Kristen Thompson  Kristen Thompson Teacher
5th grade
Contact Kaija Cook  Kaija Cook Teacher
English Learner Support
Contact Carla Kalin O'Connell  Carla Kalin O'Connell Teacher
Resource & Intervention
Contact Maria Almira McGrath  Maria Almira McGrath Teacher
Contact Tina Sappal  Tina Sappal Teacher