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Vision Statement

Creating 21st Century Skills

Here at Fair Oaks, we believe utilizing technology correctly will enhance student engagement and build skills that will help them to become college and career ready in the 21st century.

Fair Oaks Elementary plans to prepare students to succeed in a globally competitive world; we believe that a technology rich environment is crucial. Although we have many technology initiatives in place, our priorities remain: a) high student achievement, b) data driven decision-making, and c) effective communication with parents and an authentic audience.  We must provide the resources to help every teacher and student master the basics, develop critical thinking abilities, and sharpen problem-solving skills. Also realizing the importance of gathering, manipulating and utilizing data for wise decision-making, we continue the search for additional technology tools to refine the data analysis process.

The vision in our Technology Plan is to prepare students and teachers to succeed using technology effectively to improve reading and writing skills.  One constant in defining success will be the collaboration and communication between teachers, students, and parents.  This must include creating a global community of administrators and teachers that will create a safe online environment allowing students to reach their greatest potential.

Technology increases productivity and stimulates interest in learning while bringing global experiences into the classroom. It is the constant tool for professional educators.  It is imperative to provide quality training to teachers, staff, administrators, and students in order to facilitate high student achievement and collaborative communications with an authentic global audience.  

Technology-rich classrooms are being established with teachers who can model and train others in best practices for curriculum delivery and teacher productivity. The vital component to the success of the plan is the teacher, administrator, parents, and students working together to advance technology practices in the classroom.

Technology opens doors to the world for our students; however, it is the responsibility of the system to provide these resources in a safe and secure environment. A combination of the district technology team, county office of Ed. and the school site is creating a network infrastructure providing students and professionals with the materials necessary for teaching and learning. In order for students to safely explore areas of interest, a filtering system for Internet use, virus protection, and cameras for security are in place for successful learning.

Leadership at all levels is the most important facet in bringing any vision to fruition. Teachers and administrators are committed to the belief that technology plays an important role in student success through global communication.  A high priority is placed on building a collaborative environment with a communication infrastructure allowing all students and teachers timely and ubiquitous access to information through the use of these varied resources (class blogs, Newsela, Imagine Learning etc.). We know that our students experience the highest level of success when they are responsible for creating their own work through collaborative processes written for an authentic audience.

Ultimately, we are providing students with lifelong 21st century skills by transforming our classrooms into student-centric communities.  As students create digital portfolios of their work, administrators, teachers, students, parents, and global audiences are invited into the classroom.  Students will be taught “online safety” to preserve the impact of their digital footprint.  They will use multiple resources to produce digital-rich content that can be shared safely with a global-authentic audience.  The Outcomes for a digital-rich classroom are creating high-achieving independent learners, data-driven decision making, and effective, collaborative, academic-communication.